Chef Habitat

Windows Application Delivery Automation Resources

Chef Habitat provides a single way to deliver and manage Windows applications. Automation instructions are defined in Powershell, but packaged with platform-agnostic commands that enable Habitat to export an application to run in multiple environments without refactoring. This enables supporting teams to modernize older applications and take advantage of new platforms.

Basic Concepts

Windows Basics for Chef Habitat

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Windows Examples for Chef Habitat

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Windows Troubleshooting Tips for Chef Habitat

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User Guides and eBooks

Best Practices for Packaging Windows COTS Applications for Automated Deployment with Chef Habitat

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Windows Server 2008/R2 Application Migration Program

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Insider Tips

Packaging a .Net Windows Service Application

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Application Packaging Windows vs. Linux with Chef Habitat

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Running a Full Framework ASP.NET IIS application in Habitat

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Demos and Videos

Terraform, Habitat, and Azure DevOps

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Migrating Windows IIS Applications

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ChefConf 2019: Lessons from the Field: Chef Habitat at Enterprise Scale

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Docs, Tools, and Training

Download Chef Habitat for Windows

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Sample Windows ASP App Git Depot

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Running Chef Habitat Windows Containers

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Habitat Plans and Terraform Script Examples for SQL

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