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Community is the foundation of Chef. We believe that the best way to build software is in close collaboration with the people who use it, and the best way to use software is alongside those who build it.

Our greatest strength is our community. That is why as a community, we are committed to holding ourselves to a higher standard. This is captured in our Code of Conduct.

Join us, whether online or in person, and let’s build the future of technology together.



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08/06/2020 09:00 AM 08/06/2020 09:45 AM America/Los_Angeles Weekly Chef Community Meeting Join us for this text-based community update meeting that takes place in our channel. If you haven't yet joined the Chef Community slack,join here. #community-meetings in Slack FREQ=WEEKLY;BYDAY=TH;INTERVAL=1

Thursdays at 9:00AM PT | #community-meetings in Slack

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Chef Habitat

Free your applications from underlying infrastructure and make updates easy.

Chef Habitat gives you and your team the capability to build, deploy, and run any application in any environment. Whether you’re focused on traditional data centers, cloud platforms, or containerized microservices, Habitat can help you define and codify your application and its dependencies, freeing you from confounding infrastructure constraints.

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Chef InSpec

Secure your infrastructure across your entire development lifecycle.

Chef InSpec lets you describe security and compliance rules as code to share between your software engineers, operations, and security engineers. Describe your infrastructure security as code in a consistent fashion across all of your stakeholders.

Your requirements become automated tests that can be run against traditional servers, containers, and cloud APIs, ensuring enforced consistent standards in every managed environment, at every stage of development.

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Chef Infra

Infrastructure automation for hardened, consistent configuration at any scale.

With Chef Infra, your infrastructure is defined as code, ensuring that configuration policies are flexible, versionable, testable, and human-readable.

Automate your system configuration on the platforms you need, whether in the cloud, in the data center, or in the field. Don’t solve the same problems over and over again! Automate them and give your team the ability to build innovations.

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Chef Automate

Incorporate Chef’s products into your Application Development Lifecycle and deliver new features with confidence.

When your entire lifecycle is defined as code, your infrastructure definitions, security policies, and application dependencies are easily verifiable on their way to your production environment. The Chef Enterprise Automation Stack is a keystone component to your modern application delivery pipeline, supporting your projects throughout the entire application lifecycle.

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Resources from the community

Sous Chefs keep the kitchen in motion

Sous Chefs is a volunteer team of folks who keep some of the Chef Infra community’s most-used cookbooks up to date. Join them in the #sous-chefs channel on our Community Slack, or in their repos on GitHub to learn more about what goes into creating and maintaining cookbooks with thousands of downloads.

Go to Sous Chefs

Find What You Need in the Supermarket

Chef Supermarket is your one-stop shop for Chef Infra cookbooks, tools, and plugins to enhance your Chef Infra workflow. Need to install a new piece of software? Check the Supermarket for a cookbook to help you out! Have a cookbook that solves a task for you? Share it to the Supermarket for others to use.

Visit Supermarket

Dev-Sec Sets a Security Baseline

Chef InSpec is a powerful tool for creating and sharing security profiles. The InSpec community at has created a myriad of baseline profiles for you to download and use to secure your infrastructure and key application platforms.

Go to

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