Controlled Rollout of Changes - Whatever, Wherever, Whenever

Progress Chef Courier

Enable IT operators, InfoSec engineers and other administrators to run on-demand jobs and perform reactionary work by orchestrating the targeting and timing dimensions of actions across the fleet.

Progress® Chef® Courier™ for Configuration Management Examples

Chef Workloads On Demand

  • I would like to change user roles on windows machines
  • I would like to upgrade the version of nginx on RHEL nodes running on version 7 alone
  • I would like to apply an emergency patch for a new JAVA vulnerability that is available

Scheduling Tasks

  • I have a need to take a backup of specific database nodes on the first day of every month in a specific order
  • I would like to daily restart nodes that are running out of memory alone
  • I have a requirement to close publicly open ports that are not whitelisted every night


  • Performing a config change only sequentially on a node list
  • Retrying on a node 2 times after a failure when implementing the change
  • Staging a rollout of a change based on environment classifications
  • Applying a change only when certain memory/CPU conditions are met

Progress® Chef® Courier™ for Compliance Management Examples

Scans on Demand

  • Run a STIG profile on nodes containing a certain specific app alone
  • Check for access levels on every new Kubelet
  • Run a security scan every night based on pre-set conditions on a set of nodes


  • Run custom commands to change user access after a security incident
  • Quickly rollback/upgrade a software version on select operating system version

Facilitated by the Node Management delivery channel, IT Operators can run Ad Hoc Jobs on any set of nodes and cohesively manage them by creating specific node lists. Node Management enables users to enroll nodes, manage workloads and gain continuous visibility into the status of all nodes in the fleet.

Feature Highlights

Job Orchestration

  • Push-like Infrastructure Management
  • Perform Ad Hoc changes to your infrastructure with ease
  • Rollout changes to your fleet in any pattern
  • Run recurring tasks on any section of your fleet
  • React quickly and easily to any unplanned changes needed on your fleet

Node Management

  • Single pane of glass to manage all nodes in the fleet
  • Few clicks to get the latest Chef updates
  • Enroll and maintain every node actively from a dashboard
  • Run recurring tasks on any section of your fleet



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