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Join Us on Slack to Share and Gain Inspiration From Professionals Worldwide

Hello and welcome! This page will walk you through joining and using the Chef community Slack team. If you have any questions about anything here, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

The Chef community is a mixture of employees, professionals, and hobbyists who come from all over the world and work together to make Chef and DevOps better. Community members fulfill many roles, including mentoring, teaching, and connecting with other members of the community. All participants in the Chef Community Slack agree to follow the Code of Conduct and agree to our privacy policy.

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What’s on the Community:

Channels allow you to pay attention to topic that are of specific interest to you. On our slack the busiest channel is definitely #general, so many folks disable notifications there, but leave notifications on for other channels so that they don’t miss anything.

By default you will be added to the following channels.

# general

Our general-purpose discussion chat.

# announcements

Primarily for release announcements.

# ChefConf

For discussion of our annual conference ChefConf.

# community-meetings

For text-based weekly community development update meetings.

# devrel

Primarily for communication community outreach and events, as well as livestreams.

# chef-habitat

For discussion of Chef Habitat related content and questions.

# chef-inspec

For discussion of Chef InSpec related content and questions.

# chef-infra-dev

For discussion of Chef Infra related content and questions.

# chef-workstation

For discussion of Chef Workstation related content and questions.


No matter where you join, please follow our Slack-tiquette.

Need help using Slack? Click here for Slack’s Help Center documentation  for answers to many common problems. If you are already logged in to Slack, you can ask for assistance in the #general channel.

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Rules to Follow: Slack-Tiquette

As with IRC, Slack has some of its own customs and etiquette. Our community Slack is not staffed by a specific team at Progress, so it is possible that there may be no one around to help at times.

Feel free to re-ask later on when more people are around, or wait for a community member to check the recent scrollback.

Additionally, we do not allow solicitation or advertising of products, conferences, or anything else unrelated to the Chef ecosystem. If you have questions about whether or not your content is allowed, feel free to reach out to  @Jeffrey Strauss.


Q: What Is Slack?

Slack is a real-time chat system similar to IRC or Jabber. Here you can find Chef community members to ask questions, learn more about Chef, or socialize with our awesome community.

Q: Why Slack?

Chef used IRC for our community chat for many years, however, stagnation of the user experience for IRC combined with many improvements available from Slack prompted us to reconsider this. You can read more about why we use Slack in the Communication FAQ.

Q: Can I Use My Supermarket or Discourse Account?

Unfortunately not at this time. For now your Slack account is independent of the other Chef community tools.

Q: Where Else Can I Find Help With Chef?

We have a mailing list and forum at if you prefer a more asynchronous approach. We also have volunteers on StackOverflow. If volunteer support isn't available, you can reach Chef Software's support team at [email protected].

Q: I Really Like IRC, What Do I Do?

Slack does offer an IRC gateway, though it has historically had some stability issues.

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