Chef Automate

DevOps Dashboard for Complete Operational Visibility

Chef Automate is an enterprise dashboard and analytics tool enabling cross-team collaboration with actionable insights for configuration and compliance and an auditable history of changes to environments.

Change How You Automate Everything in the Stack

Real-Time Data Across Environments

Aggregated, filterable dashboards collect configuration and compliance details for every datacenter, cloud provider, and environment you manage.

Collaborate Effortlessly Between Teams

Development, Operations, Security, and Compliance teams are all responsible for delivering software safely and efficiently, so they should share a consistent view of how environments are built and validated.

Powerful Auditing Capabilities

Create agentless compliance scans directly in the Web UI. Scan traditional servers, VMs, and cloud environments all in one place.

Actionable Insights

Chef Automate provides actionable insights with enterprise scale and performance across multiple data centers and cloud providers.

Chef Automate is Used For

Chef provides solutions for defining, packaging, and delivering applications with a unified automation framework. Chef Automate provides a window into the status and health of every application in your organization.

Chef Habitat

Chef helps companies maintain compliance and prevent security incidents across heterogeneous estates. Chef Automate makes sure consistent audit insights are available across teams and projects.

Chef Compliance

Chef makes sure that whether remote or in the office, every laptop and desktop you manage is consistently configured and continuously updated. Chef Automate makes sure you know the status of your entire fleet.

Chef Desktop

Configuration management is in Chef’s DNA, and Chef Automate gives you access to policy details, historical data, and system profiling information across on-prem and cloud compute environments.

Chef Infra

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