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Chef Infra for Dummies: How SAP Ramps Up New Developers

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Having trouble picking a talk? Not sure where to start? Are you new to Chef, configuration management, or automation in general? Are you looking for a quick intro to get you started? This talk is for you!

The SAP DevOps Center of Excellence is a global enablement team, helping our developer teams to adopt the DevOps culture and practices. We act as a knowledgebase on topics, technologies and best practices surrounding automation, continuous integration, continuous delivery, micro architecture, etc.

We often work with the development teams to create custom solutions and pipelines, most of which include some chef management. As we work with new development teams, or add members to our own team, we have to quickly ramp up their knowledge of Chef Infra.

In this talk, we'll share with you how we ramp up knowledge in SAP to get our colleagues working with Chef fast and efficiently. You can expect to learn:

  • The basic concepts of declarative configuration management and how it differs from scripted automation.

  • Important terms you'll hear at ChefConf.

  • The anatomy of a Chef cookbook.

  • The process of a Chef client execution.

  • How the Chef Infra Client and Server work together.

  • Where to find resources to expand your knowledge and get your questions answered.


Dan-Joe Lopez

Dan-Joe Lopez

DevOps CoE Global Lead, SAP