Resources ยป Code, Low-Code, No-Code: The DevOps Implications

Code, Low-Code, No-Code: The DevOps Implications

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The move towards digital transformation and faster software delivery has many DevOps teams contemplating the role of code, low-code and no-code solutions. The success of building and scaling application automation practices remains a challenge for most companies, due to complexity and a lack of access to skilled DevOps engineers. Growing economic pressures have many technology leaders evaluating how to incorporate innovative solutions that enable teams with limited experience, to orchestrate the end-to-end DevOps toolchain, while retaining the depth of functionality required to be successful.

Join us as we demonstrate when and how to combine these strategies, so you can:

  • Integrate the Coded Enterprise with a no-code platform

  • Leverage existing Chef investments

  • Scale and easily move applications to the cloud


Damith Karunaratne

Damith Karunaratne

CEO, ShuttleOps